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Mining stocks have been in a downturn for more than two years now, resulting in the lowest investor sentiment in many years.
The fact remains that we are in a multi-year and even a multi-decade bull market in the precious metals, and it is when sentiment becomes weak that investors need to start buying.

I think this is a positive sign for precious metals bulls and it is an excellent contrarian indicator Recall that when the market was hitting new highs in 2011 everybody was bullish.....Indeed, this was a terrible time to buy.

Is it, then, time to invest in the mining sector?
Has Gold and Silver rally just begun?
Could junior mining stocks beat previous highs? How do you pick the winners?
What will happen to mining stocks in the next stock market crash?

Swiss Mining Institute
23 November 2017, Zurich

Baur au Lac 8:00 - 15:30

Swiss Mining Institute
24 November 2017, Geneva

Swissotel Metropole 8:00 - 15:30